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We are General Motors Heritage

With over a century of automotive experiences, we have learned that enhancing life’s journey sometimes involves looking back, cherishing history, and honoring the fact that driving is more than getting from point to point. That’s why so many of you labor to preserve, live to drive, and collect the vehicles of General Motors’ past. We share that passion – and will support yours through GM Heritage.

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To start, we have launched an online parts and documentation shop for select GM Heritage vehicles. We have also gathered great Heritage assets in the Heritage Resources link. After that? We’ll see where the road takes us.

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You spoke and we listened. All parts will come from an authorized GM licensee. Vehicle information will be provided from GM’s historic authority – the GM Heritage Center.

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By combining decades’ worth of information in our archives with great products and content – we aim to build innovative solutions to support your passion.

Full-Size C/K Trucks

Chevrolet and GMC C/K light duty pickup trucks were introduced for model year 1960 and over multiple generations evolved from a work truck into a multi-use vehicle. The truck designs became increasingly streamlined and featured more sophisticated and powerful powertrains. Interiors offered comfortable, more car-like upscale packages. Two and four-wheel drive were available. The C/K line officially ended with the 1987 model year.

Engine Base and Options

From 1960 to 1987, Chevrolet and GMC offered light duty C/K pickup trucks powered by four engine genres. These offerings consisted of a durable Inline-6, a base Small Block V-8, a performance Small Block V-8, and a towing, stump-pulling Big Block V-8.

Trim and Packages

During the C/K era, light duty pickup trucks increasingly became multi-use vehicles and the trim packages and increasing option amenities reflected this change. Power accessories and more sophisticated interior designs and fabrics were introduced. Base utilitarian packages for the work-only customer, all the way up to upscale interior and exterior trim and paint schemes were available.

Did you know... that the C/K pickups continued to be produced until 1991 under the R/V name?


Introduced in model years 1969 and 1970, the Chevrolet Blazer and GMC Jimmy were launched as purpose-built off-road vehicles, only offered with four-wheel drive and a standard single driver seat. Additional options catered to customers wanting a multi-purpose vehicle. Over the next two decades, they became more car-like and refined - but stayed off-road capable machines.

Engine Base and Options

The Chevrolet Blazer and GMC Jimmy offered four engine choices from 1969 to 1991. These offerings consisted of a durable Inline-6, a base Small Block V-8, a performance Small Block V-8, and a towing, stump-pulling Big Block V-8.

Trim and Packages

These new utility additions to the truck portfolio started with only a driver seat and an optional removable top. Options soon included plaid interior fabrics, simulated woodgrain trim, power and comfort accessories and even a soft convertible top. Exteriors evolved from basic solid paint colors to numerous two-tone paint options, decal packages and bright trim options.

Did you know... that in 1976 and 1977 you could purchase a Blazer/Jimmy with a fully integrated camper - the Blazer Chalet and Jimmy Casa Grande?